Thursday, May 19, 2011

Its been a long time....

So I had just started blogging and kinda liked it and then I let life get in the way...It was about that time that i got on facebook and that was quick and easy and I just stopped posting. I have come back to my blog from time to time and thought maybe I will post something today and didn't. Tonight I thought well maybe I will try and decided "just do it" so here I am. Much has happened since that last post in Nov. 08 including my sister Tina passing away from Breast Cancer about a year and a half ago. I have experienced much loss including both my parents, my two brothers and now my sis. Losing my sister I think was the straw that broke the camels back and I admit I have had a hard time over it. Tina really was like a second Mom to me. She was the oldest and I the youngest so she was already a young married woman by the time I was born. She would tease my Mom that she was too old to have any more babies and beg Mom to give me to her. Well my Mom wouldn't but it sure didn't stop my sis from helping to take care of me. All of my most favorite memories are times spent tagging along with my sister, BIL, and my niece and nephew. Truth be told if it were not for the times my sister took me with them I probably would have been stuck watching Lawence Welk on T.V. with my folks. They really were past the stage of raising little ones. None the less they loved me much. So, this feels pretty good writing down some of my thoughts maybe I will have to try this Blog thing out again. I will probably have to take the tutorial again because I can't remember how to manage this Blog stuff anymore. We shall see.....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jason's 7th Birthday

What an exciting day we had yesterday. In the morning we went to Amazing Jakes for Jason's Birthday party. He invited some of his buddies and they had a great time. Here are some of the pics of his funtastic day.

Halloween 08

Time to Trick or Treat
Bobbing for doughnuts??

Jeremy at his preschool Holloween party

My cute little skeleton.


A few weeks ago we had family visiting and we went to Schneph's farm. We picked pumkins, watched the piggy races, and ate some good BBQ. It was actually a bit chilly for Arizona so we had to dig out jackets which is a rare. It was great to spend time with Scott's family.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Scott and I have been married for eight glorious years now. Just a few weeks ago he suprised me with a dozen red roses and a trip to Las Vegas for just the two of us. He even arranged a sitter to watch the boys overnight. We went to the Luxor and splurged on a Jacuzzi Suite. We woke up when we wanted, ate when we wanted, ate what we wanted(no McDonald's) and spent 3 wonderful days on no particular schedule....aahh!!


One of the many camping trips we took this summer. On this occasion it had poured on us pretty good and left some tempting mud puddles for the kids.

Jeremy is that really you???

I see trouble started out as a little innocent play in the mud and quickly turned into official mud wrestling. Once they got started we just couldn't stop em. I know this is a time they will remember as fun where Mom and Dad didn't yell at them to not get dirty. After a quick hose off they were as good as new. Well almost....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Places to go...people to see....

We started our vacation in So. Ca. and went to Disneyland. Jeremy has not used a stroller since he was less than a year old, so of coarse we didn't bring one. We get there and he refused to walk so we had to rent one from Disney a well spent 10 bucks.

We were so hot from the humidity that we decided to take a nice long train ride. The lady sitting next to me, turns out she live in Gilbert so we had a nice little chat.

Ok so this one needs a little explanation... After Disneyland we headed up to Napa Valley to spend time with my family and do some site seeing. While at my sisters, their Uncle Charlie let them race around on two Jazzy's he had in storage. At first we couldn't believe our eyes when we say Jeremy driving the crazy thing but the more you watched it was hilarious! Cheap entertainment!!

visited San Francisco of coarse, just a wee bit chilly!!
A Day at Ocean Beach in Frisco (the water is much colder than Rocky Point as Jason soon discovered!!) We also hit Six Flags Marine World during our trip and this time I rented the stroller up front and guess what Jeremy refused to get in it this time, go figure. We had a wonderful time, not alot of rest, way too long of a car ride, but definately memories for us to cherish.